Home for the orphan and destitute children

Disadvantaged children of God where the leprosy affected parent children, orphan and semi orphan, destitute and disabled children have been staying in small number and start and continue their studies at near by government aided school from 1st standard to XIIth standard until they get older enough .

During the days the children are getting free shelter, food, cloth, education and also learning the purpose of their life, charity, , kindness, love and service to each other which lead them to the broad way of thinking, get deliverance from their loneliness and good education. They are also getting freedom to live comfortably and concentrate their mind on studies by stay away from their previous family and social problem .

Service to the leprosy affected people

There are several leprosy colonies in all over India, In Tamilnadu there are about 35 leprosy colonies are established to help leprosy affected people to live with freedom and comfort, yet still some of the leprosy colonies and it’s people are remaining in darkness as being away from their family, affected by social stigma, suffering for shelter, food, clothing, continue medial assistance, it is really a horrible to see the old age leprosy affected people whom get sick in their old age and dying condition without any body help. The Seventh Star Social Service Centre for the Disabled People cares such lonely people in various near by leprosy colonies and providing food supply and medicine in simple level. , In India

Almost everywhere like churches, temples and mosque we can easily find untouchability because of castism and Religion but at leprosy colonies we can find untouchablity in small level. Seventh Star is focusing towards this issue and help leprosy colonies people to know the human value by giving counseling and taking necessary steps to establish peace, unity, fellowship, love each other, serve each other among them. Still we can easily find the leprosy affected people who lives at the platform by begging in streets by door to door, bus stand, railway station and market place, Seventh Star concentrates on this issue and trying to help them to come out of from this obstacle through giving counseling and trying to work towards help such people to live with independent and freedom by doing some monitory support.

Service to the Road Accident Victim

Seventh Star helps the road accident victim as help them to get first aid facilities, if the victim is poor and unknown it’s helps get ambulance and mortuary van at free of cost. Some time help the victim to get legal aid support from the lawyers for insurance purpose.

The world is so big, it’s exists for ever, no one knows what would happen to our life in next minute or hour? Every human being born in this world to serve other but not served by other, the founder and Secretary of the Seventh Star Social Centre for the Disabled People is very strong and keen in his motive of his service as find the broken heart and contrite spirit people and serve them by giving moral counseling, wipe away tears, be with them in heart and mind, live with them in every aspect, help them to come out from their bondage of life, obstacle, darkness by providing maximum spiritual and monitory support to the broken hearted and contrite spirit people whoever they are and where ever they are living.

How you can help

It’s not the advertisement of the Seventh Star Social Service Centre for the Disabled People, it is the request of each and everyone who go through this website. We are giving a humble invitation to the individual and voluntary organizations is that please remember the love of God, his mercy, and all his blessing that how so far he guides you, leads you, forgives you, and being with you and gives good health and prosper till now, give thanks to him as well your beloved parent and especially to the people who seeks and supports your own spiritual and temporal welfare. at the same time you also please think about the broken heart and contrite spirit people who still lives in darkness and lonely by poverty, sickness, disability, accident, disaster, unclean decision and attitude of bad politician, rowdyism, social stigma of castism, religion, chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, smoking etc.,

You can help such people to come out from their bondage of life by speaking with them in a kind word, pray for them, advise them, counsel them, forgive them, comfort them and above all help them in their basic needs of food, clothing, medical assistance, education support, giving blood as blood donor, help them to start and do a self sustaining job in small level which help them to stand on their own leg.